Book launch: Housing and urban regeneration


On 26 November, the open access publication ‘Housing and urban regeneration of deprived neighbourhoods in Santiago: North-South perspectives about collaborative processes’ is launched. Following the book presentation, a round table discussion centres around the question ‘What can we learn from the social demands in Latin America?’

The publication is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and the School of Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile (UC). The open access publication is available on BK Journals under the Research and Urbanism Series RIUS, and edited by Luz María Vergara and Darinka Czischke (BK), and Cristián Robertston, Elke Schlack and Rodrigo Tapia (UC).

  • 16:00  Introduction, by Franklin van der Hoeven
  • 16:10  Book presentation, by Luz María Vergara(BK) and Cristián Robertson (UC)
  • 16:30  North-South/South-North perspectives on collaborative processes, by Darinka Czischke (BK)
  • 16:45  Roundtable discussion Neoliberalism, inequality and spatial segregation: What can we learn from the social demands in Latin America?, chaired by Darinka Czischke. Panellists: Christien Klaufus (CEDLA, Latin American Studies Centre, UvA), and Antonio Liphtay (UC)
  • 17:30  Drinks